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Government seeks $2bn Chinese loan for road infrastructure

Comment: Ewes are a problem

Foyes Arthur
2018-07-25 09:53:24
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Tribalism and jealousy has stalled the dual carriageway construction of this Accra to Kumasi impotant road since independence. The Ewes think why should Kumasi alone get all the roads? Why not the Eastern Corridor also? Why not Go road. This jealousy and foolish ethnocentric ideas from wicked Ewe minds has prevented such developments. Kumasi has airport so Ho too must have airport. Kumasi has University so Ho must have university. Kumasi has stadium so Ho must have. NDC have been championing such backwardness and foolishness to the extent that Kumasi international airport was deemphasised and rather Tamale international airport developed. Tamale airport is useless and white elephant our present economy. The Ewe negative attitude is a problem in Ghana

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07-25 03:37
Ewes are a problem
Foyes Arthur
07-25 09:53