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Is Abdul Malik Kweku Baako a man of Integrity or just an Opportunist?

Comment: Rockson cannot analyse thing properly

2018-07-04 18:52:33
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Adehye, don't mind Rockson. He is incapable of analysing things critically. Once he gets something on his mind, he is incapable of looking at other sides of the story.

For Rockson, Charlotte Osei is bad. Because Rockson has concluded that the woman is bad, he will never consider the manner in which she is removed. It will never occur to Rockson that someone can deserve to be removed from office YET the proper measures must be used to effect that and the measure should be transparent and above board.

Charlotte may be guilty (in fact, I don't even like her) but I hope she fights this matter in the courts so that even if she is removed from office, it should be because justice was done to her. But we have a judiciary that is bogus and controlled by Akufo-Addo's family and friends. So she will still lose. But I hope she fights too.

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07-04 03:36
Rockson cannot analyse thing properly
07-04 18:52