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Is Abdul Malik Kweku Baako a man of Integrity or just an Opportunist?

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2018-07-04 13:21:04
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Is Abdul Malik Kweku Baako a man of Integrity or j sit in the ghetto
of london
and write non-sense articles.first of all,Kwaaku Baako said based on the audio tape he believed(kwaku Baako) fully that it was a conspiracy within EC against Charlotte Osei.And frankly speaking,the wrangling between The deputies expecially the lady who offered contract without the knowlesge of the chair-person was wrong.And,the abrogation of that contract and re-assigned the contract could be based on merits but we need to know more details therefore Mr charlotte osei to file pitition and bring the side of his story.By the way,a law lecturer has challenged the committee who made recommendation to sacked Mrs charlotte that the committee has no legal right to do so.if there were criminal charges,the committee should have gone to supreme xourt to seek order to remove the chair-person therefore your analysis is non-sense!!

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