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The Contretemps of Ghana’s Vice Presidents: How and why?

Comment: Of VPs and Death

2018-07-02 12:52:23
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Please read carefully. PK must have suffered a massive heart attack. He FIRST collapsed and gently hit the floor. It can happen to anyone, even after being cleared from recent medicals. As for Vice President Arkaah, he was involved in a car crash just by his house. Noone knows what happened to the driver. MVAs happen ALL the time. Now, coming to V_P Mills, all who knew him well knew he was a heavy smoker. He had been diagnosed with throat cancer in the early 2000s in a certain country. SA? Thereafter the NDC decided on treatment in the USA. He bacme fragile with radiotherapy/chemotherapy.
Being hypertensive, PK was most likely taking care of himself with exercises. However, who knows, he may have been under some severe stress; unknown to even those around him. Are people aware of his sleep patterns? Deprivation of sleep, coupled with severe and hypertension is a recipe for disaster for even thge best looking, fittest person. I try not to read suspicions into these deaths, especially when the causes are known. We are ALL not immune to death; in whatever form it comes.....

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Of VPs and Death
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