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How about the ‘warm’ and ‘scattered’ woman

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2018-05-20 07:04:17
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How about the ‘warm’ and ‘scattered’ woman

Woman, If you want to bear children then you should sacrifice for them by staying at home to raise them up which I think is better than paying for someone else to do it. Your husband can swap roles with you if you both agree and he’s comfortable with the idea but at the end of the day, stay-home Moms or Dads are not wasting their education as you seem to rationalise, they ultimately impart their education - that is if they have any- to the children! This is what “Educate a woman educate the world means”. It does not mean for you to both waste your lives trying to climb a career ladder when your children come from school to only see a paid uneducated maid servant (no disrespect intended).

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My two cents
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