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Nana Ama Dokua is doing a fantastic job – Mustapha Hamid defends deputy

Comment: Poorly trained Deputy Minister

Nana Ama
2018-04-27 16:07:46
Comment to:
Nana Ama Dokua is doing a fantastic job – Mustap

She is the spokesperson for security matters, yet the Minister himself comes out to speak on such matters.
Please, stop lying to us, someone should tell her to get off Facebook. She is inciting violence with her rhetorics.
If someone of her “caliber” can insult a former president without a hint of remorse, then I am sorry but we are in bad business.
A ministers or deputy minister must have some level of decorum. But it is quite obvious she lacks any of that. Let’s call a spade, a spade.
She’s not competent and the only place they could find for her was information ministry after she was rejected as a potential deputy minister for foreign affairs

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04-27 13:15
Poorly trained Deputy Minister
Nana Ama
04-27 16:07