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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean government’ – Gabby

Comment: Gabby is right on point.

Alhaji Yussif
2018-04-28 00:14:32
Comment to:
NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean go

Right on point,the end justifies the means as they say,the focus of the Npp government must be to let Ghanaians know the truth and explain for them to understand.The Ndc has no answers to our current problems,they play to the gallery thinking Ghanaians re still ignorant us they always wish in other that they can continue to benefit from that but God paid the ndc right in their tracks.How people with immorality,corrupt and insensitive as the ndc be allowed to talk about numbers of people working when they ve always called jobs to be created?The ndc failed to fulfill the constitutional directive 2015 that said they should send the list of stuffers to parliament so what it means is that the numbers could've been more than the 998 they contest today.Not only that but becoming clear that,some people who carried themselves as presidential staffers for which they drew salaries such as Sam George after all could not for part of the list ndc presented to parliament.I am yet to see a sin committed by the Npp that has no worse examples in the history of the ndc except a sitting president beating up his Vice President mercilessly.Gabby My boss has done an extensive research at DI before leaving and they should always go back to such works to direct the affairs of the Npp and government of the day,for now many including members of the Npp ll not appreciate the DI and many of its findings until Nana Addo retire after serving 8 years.The Npp is the only right political party that has the attitude to free this country of the economic mess the ndc and John Mahama left behind,Npp should down to the grassroots to explain the economic difficulties we re confronted with as a nation.All Ghanaians want to see is ndc corrupt officials in court if any of them did engage in corrupt acts,we should not discriminate against wrongs of politicians and citizens where politicians re left off the hook and ordinary citizens made to face the law.

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04-27 11:48
Gabby is right on point.
Alhaji Yussif
04-28 00:14