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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean government’ – Gabby

Comment: Bloated government bursting at the seams

Cambridge Ana-elect-trump
2018-04-27 18:42:59
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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean go

Gabby, you may be smiling now and telling lies through your teeth, but the truth always comes to the surface when a ruling party begins to face reality. Problem with us humans is, far too many of us live by the motto, "It's my party, and I can see no wrong". It'll not be long before your buckets of banku begin to bloat your government's stomach, causing aches and pain that will be felt by many. The folks in Ghana could vote out the NDC, and they can also vote out the NPP. Just keep packing up the Supreme Court with more justices. More and more regions. Keep overloading Jubilee House with more and more jubilating staffers. Keep undermining the Police and Military by having Jubilee recruits forced on them (after all, did Ken Agyapong not recently cry that he needs his quota of military appointments?). Keep pimping Ghana for measly Trump dollars while making empty noise that Akufo-Addo's promises are filling dams in every village with wonderful results. Keep renaming everything in sight, and hope that the people of Ghana will not know any better. The goals of those in power should be o demonstrate how their actions are benefiting the people and not to constantly yap about the policies of past administrations. Last I heard, the NPP government has grown from a size 36 waist to a size 63 waist, and it's bursting at the seams. Folks can eat lean kenkey, but they certainly can't stomach a bloated government. Just hoping that Gabby has enough shitoh to go with his diet of bloated government.

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04-27 11:48
Bloated government bursting at the seams
Cambridge Ana-elect-trump
04-27 18:42