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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean government’ – Gabby


David Letterman. Esq.
2018-04-27 12:16:24
Comment to:
NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean go

Certainly Gabby Darko and his family's lean personal economies have improved. But same cannot be said for the many who were enjoying lean kenkey under John Mahama but were dissatisfied with the many other things and therefore queued up to express themselves emphatically to bring change.
Change didn't come because of the pathetic work done by Gabby and his family and friends and the so called foot soldiers.
Gabby and family are so insulated that they don't know the many who used to have lean kenkey under John Mahama and were dissatisfied now have no kenkey at all.
Gabby and family are so fixated on the sudden transformation of their personal circumstances that they are oblivious to all the pain and suffering around them.
We were under John made to listen to 'Yen Tie Obia '. And observe the perpetrators dance. So we voted.
Only now it got worse.
Oh God! How stupid we are!
No we aren't that stupid! We only Hoped that Gabby, Nadaa, Bawumia etc were smart enough!
God. How we got it so wrong.
We shall rise soon enough to restore some dignity and honour for the ourselves and the Nation.
People, rise up against this Tyranny!

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04-27 11:48
David Letterman. Esq.
04-27 12:16