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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean government’ – Gabby

Comment: Simply Brainless

2018-04-27 12:04:03
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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean go

Must you always compare NPP/NDC? If NPP was coming to do the same things NDC did what was the reason for voting NDC out? Speak when you have some reasonable to say. Ghanaians don't wanna hear NDC did the same thing. We want to hear we fix it. Today is you, Otchere, tomorrow Bawumia contradictory utterances, the next day misinformation minister Hamid comparing what NDC did as the same as NPP is doing. The least spoke about NITIWUL, the best. abbaaaa!!!!

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04-27 11:48
Simply Brainless
04-27 12:04