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Police investigate two NDC members for insulting Akufo-Addo

Comment: Re: useless Ghanaians voted for npp lies

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2018-04-20 02:15:29
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useless Ghanaians voted for npp lies

They voted on their conscience! Ghanaians who voted for the NPP are smarter than ndc fir fools ,thieves! Who collect double salaries and give excuses they didn't know ! Akronfuo takyi ammoa! Ndc for fools, ndc for thievesore revelations are coming. This okuraseni ndc organizer 3se poroy3 ! Does he understand the word nepotism ? mmoa! He should clean his thief before going to the radio station, I agree with whoever reported to the police, we need sanity in our politics and radio, okuraseni ndc kwasea like that insulting the president he that Thomas Minaj is not even fit to polish his shoes, your John mahama is never a co equal to Akufo Addo in anything, Akufo Addo has a class and John mahama doesn't come in at all ! Kwasea biara call himself a politician in Ghana, just look at that boy's dirty feet insulting the president, aboafun. Nana Addo was Nana Addo before he became the president unlike John mahama who even went to Nana for money. Mmoa! your national general secretary Asiedu Nketiah owes Kennedy Agyepong $200.00 from president Kuffuor's time till now he hasn't paid useless people in the ndc, akronfuo! Oto ontua ka people ! Even your bosses couldn't manage themselves how much more akurase ndc organizer pintoa ho ! You people think your ndc is relevant in Ghana ? Only fools will vote ndc.

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04-19 16:06
Re: useless Ghanaians voted for npp lies
Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
04-20 02:15