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1972 coup will repeat itself and you’ll end up like your father – Koku warns Akufo-Addo

Comment: Well Noted Koku- Thanks

2018-03-27 01:35:52
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1972 coup will repeat itself and you’ll end up l

Ndc knows what they are doing and for Koku to confirm what we all anticipate they will do, puts matters to rest. We have to take both assertions serious: the military is positioned with ewes/northern party faithfuls and like the 64th battalion, their aim is to overthrow NPP govt should they lose power through the ballot box. Koku you are wrong this time and also thank you so much for telling Ghanaians what NPP found it difficult to tell Ghanaians to believe. Apeatu is cleaning the police but it’s difficult to clean the army but with the cooperation of the Americans coming, NPP will thrive. Ask gbevlo what happened to his men when they tried several coups between 2001-2008? Thank God for forcing you to confess; it won’t be treated lightly at all. We saw what you idiots did to liman.

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03-27 01:09
Well Noted Koku- Thanks
03-27 01:35
Nana Kwame Yeboah Asuamah Dompreh
03-28 07:58