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Is this NPP government a listening one?

Comment: US Military bases in Ghana

2018-03-23 00:25:49
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US Military bases in Ghana

Akuffo addow is not fit for office. His party foolishly insisted he becomes a ruler but no reasonable one doubts he was not born to be leader. He is an ulgly face stupid old idiot who only represents a disgraceful name of s relative who served the interest pig slave masters not his nation in a real sense of the terms. Now he is on the stage again as history ever repeats itself as always. God knows that Kyeremateng should have best represented the NNP and the nation at large. However the foolishness of the party's selection process and a total lack of wisdom brought akuffo addow where he is now. He was not born to be president ever, but he has now been opportunistic to be one and now ghanaians this is the foolish man you were looking for. Americans tested a nuclear or even an atomic bomb on the soils of Zaire when a stupid idiot unelected military man mobutu sese seko was the president of zaire and allocated a base for American troops to be stationed on their land in the same way that the idiotic akuffo addow is now trying to create in the ghanaian soils. Who could belt with me that the same testing of such weapons are never going to occur in ghana on this U.S. Military bases. Akuffo Addow is never a saviour but a destroyer of Ghana so all matured reasonable human beings should be aware of this.

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US Military bases in Ghana
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