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Ebony was murdered in cold blood

Comment: So so so sad..Animals in a human form

Boga, kumawu.
2018-02-22 12:58:39
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Ebony was murdered in cold blood

Well said and written..Unfortunately we live in a country who it's people believe feverishly in miracles thanks to the British missionaries who turn our body ,soul and mind in this state..I would have love to return to Ghana to help develop my cojntry but then hey, if you think about it, you be easily killed in Ghana by armed robbers or road accidents or contracts killings and after your funeral, you will be easy gotten by all in 40 or less days..Oh ama Ghana, we are as helpless and hopeless as chickens during Christmas season..we are the God ourselves, until we take our own destiny into our hands, we shall and will always be as stupid as today..

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02-21 15:00
So so so sad..Animals in a human form
Boga, kumawu.
02-22 12:58