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SONA 2018: An assessment of Akufo-Addo's style and communication

Comment: Blame the speechwriters...

2018-02-11 04:21:04
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SONA 2018: Akufo-Addo's presentation style, Etse,

Perhaps the speechwriter deserve the greater blame for the poor overall quality of the speech. But the president is not entirely blameless. He approved the speech that was handed to him. We do not know what changes he made or how many times the speech was sent back to the drawing board.

But, perhaps, his greatest shortcoming, according to this writeup, is his inability to strike a solidly bi-partisan tone. This is unfortunate, considering the increasing polarization of our society. The Ewe proverb was a feint that everybody could easily see through. He could have expressed the need for national unity in a more convincing way.

I don’t think wearing a batakari would have made much of a difference. Nothing wrong with the suit. And he has at least two more state of the nation addresses to make.

I think the writers have put too much importance on the state of the nation address. This is not even an old Ghanaian custom and is basically a US thing. I don’t see where the writer found that it was so important for us. The most inspirational addresses are often made during times of crises. Our country is not, exactly, facing a crisis that an inspirational speech will give us the vim to try to overcome. Akufo-Addo often comes out as a dour figure - a situation exacerbated by his advanced age. Nobody should expect any fireworks from him.

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02-11 04:21
Blame the speechwriters...
02-11 04:21