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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social Systemicity 1

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2017-12-29 05:58:52
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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social System

Dr SAS wrote:As Danquists, our chosen model of democracy in Ghana is “Development in Freedom” which includes defense of pluralism in thought and action.My brother are sure and do you genuinely think Danquists truly believe in your statement above?So why were they hiding behind throwing bombs and the many diabolic attempts kill NKRUMAH which includes a police man trying to shoot OSAGYEFO at close range?So why was the Yaa Naa and his household butchered under the watch of an NPP government and no one foud to have committed that heinous crime up to now?So why is current leadership of the NPP to able to tolerate Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong from their own party who have different views?Is current seneless vigilantism which has being unleashed on some innocent people in Ghana creating fear,terror and destruction of governement and private properties by some NPP supporters falls within the grand vision of Danquists style of democracy and freedom of speech?The current NPP ambassador in South Afrika making bias and discrimianting statement against other Ghanaians is also part of the freedom of speech and democracy of Danquists?You see democracy and freedom of speech are empty words and propaganda tool that Danquists used to destroy NKRUMAHS governement and they used to get power that they are so intoxicated for.But once the Danquists have the power then to hell with democracy and freedom of speech.Even America dont believe in that empty word called democracy so how much the Danqusts in Ghana?You see is all a game but the Danquists can fool some people with their eurocentric propaganda machinery for sometime but they cannot fool all the people forever.The is the right time for everything in life.It may appear that Danquist are winning the game now but those who are standing should be careful the dont fall.Things have to get worse before they get better again.Like planting a seed it has to rot in the soil before it can grow again.NKRUMAISTS,NKRUMAISM and PANAFRIKANISTS and PANAFRIKANISM seem to be in a pretty bad shape and state now but things have to get bad before they can get better again.So watch PHOENIX and OSIRIS RISING.Are happy with the democratic state of Ghana now?I am talking about the unprecendented level of official corruption,the high level of indiscipline and waywardness of both the youth and the elderly.the unprecedented level of armed robbery,crime and insecurity in that nation,oh and the filth,the dust,the smell,the open defecation in the this 21st century and chaos that Ghana is today do Danquists see it as retrogression or progression???Your guess is as good as mine.I will prefer living in stable,peaceful,discipline,orderly,secure and developed nation under a positive dictatorship like China is than some useless chanting of some democracy slogan championed by the likes of donald trump and his ilk - hitler et all.Thank you

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@@Dr Sas
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