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Why the black pastors are not true disciples of Christ


Apostle Mawuetornam Dugbazah
2017-12-19 07:26:27
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Why the black pastors are not true disciples of Ch

"The early Church of the Lord Jesus was a poverty-alleviation charity organization" (Edward Bamfo-Darko).

Haaahaaa!! Really Mr. Bamfo-Darko? Are you aware that you DO NOT tell the truth? "Poverty-alleviation charity organization"? And I suppose that you are going to tell us that this "organization" was officially registered with the Roman government and had tax-exempt status too?

Sir, the sooner you search your soul and begin to deal with the bitterness and hatred that has built up in it over the years, the sooner the Holy Spirit will be able to heal and purge you of iniquity.

As it stands, your writings will only have credence among emotionally-charged, lack-of-reason oriented, anti-Christ influenced, like minded Ghanaians who have a deep-seated hatred for the faithful among Yeshua's church.

Apostle Mawuetornam Dugbazah
Unfaithful Christ-believers are usually bitter people.

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Apostle Mawuetornam Dugbazah
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