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Amaliba must be careful of his reputation

Comment: NPP and hypocrisy

Masre saa
2017-12-16 11:27:04
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Amaliba must be careful of his reputation

Should we go back into our political history and count how many times Kennedy Agyepong made the very same statement without any condemnation from these same NPP quarters? "Ghana will burn" was always on Kennedy's lips. It's a silly statement and no patriot talks like that but why bash Amaliba and keep silent on Kennedy? I've been told by relatives and friends returning from holidays in Ghana that the economy is in shambles. Prices of items are up the roof. So much hardship yet everyone is silent. Can we count how many times NPP through its numerous groups demonstrated against Mahama in his first year in office? For some reason, everyone is quiet. Tight-lipped at the current crisis. No one is talking. Traders are silent. Drivers are quiet. No one is talking. Ei!

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12-16 06:25
NPP and hypocrisy
Masre saa
12-16 11:27