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Some popular perceptions about old age in the movie ‘Cocoon’

Comment: Kwarteng, Always a Walking Contradictio

Ofui The Mechanic
2017-09-08 14:16:58
Comment to:
Re: Some popular perceptions about old age in the

Read: "Finally, I encountered some myths/stereotypes about the elderly which includes, but not limited to, the fact that they are lazy and sedentary, sick with incurable disorders, poor, sleep all day, preoccupied with dying/death, depressed and lonely, uninterested in the opposite gender."

Well, this is just a figment of your own warped mentality. It is just in your own small world, and as a matter of, that of Young John Mahama and his suffering opposition NDC members, that people consider 70 year olds as inefficient and useless. Things are different in the civilized world.

Elsewhere in the USA and other jurisdictions, over 70, 80 years and older people hold key positions in the " Senate", and other highly rated public offices. And they are doing extremely fantastic jobs. Nana Akufo Addo, Senator MaCain and President Trumps are just a few examples.

The contradiction.

Kwarteng, are you not the same confused Trokosi Columnist who wrote extensively to killed Akufo Addo's dream of becoming the president for the mere fact, and with the weird impression, that Akufo Addo is old, well over 70, and for that matter incompetent Young-Mahama was a better choice? Where was your rented brains then, and what has changed? You are indeed the Walking Contradiction.

By the way, Kudos to you for seeing the light now.

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