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The story of Jesus is real: Avraham Ben Moshe

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2017-09-02 20:04:10
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The story of Jesus is real: Avraham Ben Moshe

This man is realy a block headed man who doesn't want to read and understand. Listen. Religion is only a subset of culture. The spiritual aspect of your culture is what the deciever took it and called it a religion. As Africans, we have our way of worship, I have travel to most part of Africa and I realise the basic of our culture is we believe in our ancestors and culture, why do you go and take something that has no beginning and end and you follow it. u have to know the world had been there for over 6000 years and ppl lived and serve God and how they served God was emberded in their way of living(culture) and we are descending from that 6000 yrs so our culture is how our fathers knew and worship God, so please let's believe in ours, cos any other thing that comes in will be a copy cut, there is an original n fotocopy, so why do you ignore 6000 yrs life towards God and say 2000 yrs is the best.. Come on bro

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