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The story of Jesus is real: Avraham Ben Moshe

Comment: Your argument isn't really better

2017-09-02 04:49:55
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The story of Jesus is real: Avraham Ben Moshe

Most researchers are agreed that there was a historical Jesus. The most convincing evidence is the one from outside the Bible. Any evidence from the Bible itself of the historical Jesus cannot be accepted just on its own. It has to be collaborated.

The problem is that the account given of Jesus in the Bible is very misleading and much of it is probably false or can never be proven.

The roots of the Torah are even further in time than the stories of the NT. It is obvious that these stories were written for different purposes than Christians make of them. There's a lot of confusion in these things and it's difficult to say things with accuracy when it comes to the historical status of the events narrated in the Bible.

The spiritual treatment of these events is a different matter.

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Your argument isn't really better
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