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Man on high tension pole demands money from Akufo-Addo before decending

Comment: Amoako Electricity Fund!

Kofi Nti
2017-01-03 08:09:38
Comment to:
Man on high tension pole demands money from Akufo-

Since the community has decided to contribute money to r. Amoako anytime he chooses to 'disconnect' them from the grid, I would suggest they set up an Amoako Community Electricity Fund to contribute some money to hm at the end of each month to prevent him 'disconnecting ' them.

Alternatively the next time he comes down from the pole, 10 youngmen from the community should give him a severe beating for him to realise that there are serious repercussions to his action. If not death through 10000 wats voltage through body, alternatively he would receive some severe slaps and beatings on the ground!

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01-03 07:57
Aggie cape
01-05 21:21
Amoako Electricity Fund!
Kofi Nti
01-03 08:09