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Be moderate in Xmas celebrations - NPP

Comment: Stop celebrating Christmas.

2016-12-25 13:10:51
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Be moderate in Xmas celebrations - NPP

Any true follower of Jesus should stop celebrating Christmas because it has nothing to do with Jesus. Christmas is a pagan celebration and if there is hell, those who celebrate it will end up there.

In the Bible, Jesus told his followers to remember his death. He did not mention anything about his birth so, what is going on here. Tomorrow, Kwaku Bonsam will throw festivities to honor his gods and is inviting the general public. Let's see how many Ghanaians will honor such invitation? Others will call for his arrest or cast unrelenting insults on him. Yeah, that is how hypocrites Ghanaians are.

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12-25 12:47
Stop celebrating Christmas.
12-25 13:10