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Final list of Akufo-Addo’s ministers to be out soon

Comment: Re: Final list of Akufo-Addo’s ministers to be out

bill amewode
2016-12-21 19:25:41
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Final list of Akufo-Addo’s ministers to be out s

i think nana asante bediatuo is a very competent accomplished lawyer,a good organiser,and his analytical prowess is second to none.
he has the clout to be an effective secretary to the president.
there is nothing like akyem mafia.this was a propaganda started by the ndc crooks.
why do we always hurl insults to our good ones??
lets all come together to build a better ghana.
we need all hands on board and we should desist from this cheap propaganda.
bill clinton was a smoker,obama used to smoke weed and so what.
weren't they effective.we don't need saints to rule us and there are no saints.
without the likes of addison and mr.bediatuo we would not have known what was a pink sheet.
through their hard work the supreme court ordered a lot of changes in the way we organize our elections.
without the court case 4 years ago,we would not have been here today.
they put up an effective stand concerning the flawed way we have been organizing
is this alone not an achievement??
lets bring sanity in our system.
i think even if the pope is elected as a minister today in ghana,many people will find a way to criticise him.
why is he a clown??
he is one of the best for this job.
his eloquence and analysis is second to none.

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12-21 09:05
Re: Final list of Akufo-Addo’s ministers to be out
bill amewode
12-21 19:25