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Mahama clan and NDC stolen Ghana properties should be retrieved

Comment: Sarpong you lost your human dignity...

2016-12-20 08:48:17
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gh people

Sarpong you lost your human dignity. The reason is that a person with dignity does not accuse another of stealing what he or she does not have. NPP has been accusing people of stealing state property, however the fact remains that the Jake Obetseby Lamptey a member of NPP, John Kufuor and other members sold to them state buildings, lands and some took even spoons and towels home.
NPP members unfortunately are of the view that they are the owners of Ghana. That was the manner in which their forefathers thought sometime ago when they took guns with the intention to push Ewhes, Gha-Adangbes and Nfantis into the sea and usurp their salt pans. The defeat lead to the planting of salt in Kumasi by some Anlos. The Ashantihene was told that salt grows just like any plant, and the rest was history.
Sarpong remember that a person who does not grow horns does not lost his horns.
Tell me what has any NPP member brought to the table call Ghana apart from stealing our resources. What has any NPP member created that gives this country today? It is a fact that even CPP which was in power from 1960 to 1966 left a lot of facilities which this country use today in form of buildings from the party's own resources.
What we witness from UP and NPP is that rat behaviour grabbing whatever they come across from Busia, Edward Akufo-Addo and John Kufuor.
I will be coming to your town to plant salt for you. But make sure that you don't step into the salt farm before it germinates.

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Sarpong you lost your human dignity...
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