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Mahama clan and NDC stolen Ghana properties should be retrieved

Comment: ghana people

ghana people
2016-12-19 07:58:43
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Mahama Clan And NDC Stolen Ghana Properties Should

attention, from on the 8/1/2017 going ,mahama, his families, friends relatives, wife relative amissah atta relatives wife relatives , n,d,c ministers,relatives d,e.c. firm directors and all state looters who have stolen ghana people monies, cars, houses, names will appear in all the news papers,all stolen cars, houses, monies will publish and will be disgraced world wide , monies taken from them and the will go to prison, n,d,c must get ready. from ghana people

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12-18 06:09
Abanga, Bole
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ghana people
ghana people
12-19 07:58