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Mahama clan and NDC stolen Ghana properties should be retrieved

Comment: Thank you Dr, Bokor, you made my Day!

2016-12-18 07:27:15
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Mahama build Schools for "bush Asantes"

Thank you very much Dr. Bokor, "you think what I am thinking." The bush-rats, Ashantis must praise President Mahama instead of insulting him with "Tanii" Gonja-cow, Dead-Goat, incompetent, Mahama is a thief, corrupt president etc. etc, you see, all those invectives are useless, after all like Dr. Bokor has already said, President Mahama did many and more infructures through out Ashanti Region which you people never saw before and instead of hailing and praising him, you primitive Ashanti people keep insulting him.

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12-18 06:09
Abanga, Bole
12-18 06:45
12-18 11:08
Thank you Dr, Bokor, you made my Day!
12-18 07:27