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Mahama clan and NDC stolen Ghana properties should be retrieved

Comment: Hmmm

Abanga, Bole
2016-12-18 06:44:20
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Mahama Clan And NDC Stolen Ghana Properties Should

What a task Nana has upfront. These guys were such clever thieves. Asiedu Nketia has a special plan to produce cement blocks (yeah, only cement, quarry dust, sand and water) to sell to the bus project at two times the prize in the open market . His is so sleci hence the prize. The formulae to produce those block is known only to the fool. Blatant thievery. God will punish them all. All health institutions are operating on ceridts yet Yamin had chunks of money to share openly and freely to buy votes....

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Abanga, Bole
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Abanga, Bole
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