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Samira is youngest 2nd Lady

Comment: O'level...and 36 years? - NOT TRUE

2016-12-17 16:11:25
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Samira is youngest 2nd Lady

She is NOT 36...The last and youngest batch that took the O's are all 39, 40,41 today....eve if she is 38 that will be VERY RARE...Am 38, and went to JSS/SSS. there was no one in my school that skipped to write common entrance or late entrance. My sister who skipped class six when I was in class four is 40. So is the writter suggesting she told oke common entrance in class two (2) at 8 years old? Lie.

Look Samira went to KNUST, and was my mates seniors. Dont let me get angry and expose all the sugar daddies filla here, I know its passed and gone so lers leave it as such, but stop writting junk for people to read. She ud no ace student!!...just a tint over average student. Mansite...tell us her grade at KNUST abd what she studied...GIMPA next, do the math lol... Look, she us very BEAUTIFUL...any man will waana bobe her, that I give her...fine thang fi bang...and note, THIS IS BAWUMIA's 2nd Samira the hot gal. Trump style ;)

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O'level...and 36 years? - NOT TRUE
12-17 16:11