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Mahama is intellectually exhausted

Comment: A walking corpse as President? Tweaaaa

2016-11-18 11:22:42
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Mahama Is Intellectually Exhausted

OKOAMPA, a person is exhausted when he forgets or loses memory. Akufo Addo forgets date of election and quotes September 7 as election date. To proof that the old crook Akufo Addo's brain is exhausted, thick yellowish green CONDENSED MILK oozes from Akufo Addo's stinking NOSE in public whilst addressing the students at Legon, and he couldn't even feel it.

When his attention was drawn to it , he uses his hand to wipe the stinking phglems on his face, forgetting his handkerchief. Indeed Akufo Addo is a walking corpse and Ghanaians won't risk another Presidential FUNERAL. JM TOASO ooooo tom!!

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11-17 11:09
A walking corpse as President? Tweaaaa
11-18 11:22