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Mahama is intellectually exhausted

Comment: The King Must Dance Naked

NDC Therapist
2016-11-18 07:25:42
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Mahama Is Intellectually Exhausted

Mahama has refused to discipline his staff and appointees. He laughed it of when he lost pages in his speech as Ecowas Chairman whilst reading to Ecowas Heads of State Meeting in Accra. He refused to sack an aide who destroyed a Journalists camera and another who hired a rickety vehicle that killed another journalists, he has refused to sack a sports minister who fights with everyone and another who caused the World cup fraud. He has refused to acknowledge that the NDC walkers goofed by mass up at Nana Addo's residence, he personally defended mistakes in a national anniversay brochure that it was not a disgrace. Now all who work with him have taken a cue that he does not mind incompetence and corruption. Very soon they will mislead the King to Dance Naked

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11-17 11:09
The King Must Dance Naked
NDC Therapist
11-18 07:25