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Ayi Kwei Armah’s chichidodo bird is a deadly political animal (2)

Comment: Alex read better English but not from..

2016-08-11 04:39:54
Comment to:
Stop the insult

Alex if you really want to polish your English, I will advice you to read anything but not kwarteng's English.

WHY? ...because he, kwarteng is learning English either through gargantuan words straight from the dictionary or cut and pasting from other writers. The most serious aspect of his whole nonsense is that he, himself do not understand what he copies from the dictionary as well as the paragraphs he use to cut from google.

Alex, I am afraid and sorry for you that your will also end up one day with bogus and silly English like kwarteng.

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08-11 00:12
Alex read better English but not from..
08-11 04:39