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Supreme Court's rulings in favor of Zanetor and implications for political parties

Comment: Nothing wrong with NHIS card judgement

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2016-07-20 21:07:44
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Dissapointing SC

Okonko Palm, once the use of the NHIS card as evidence of Ghanaian citizenship/nationality was ruled unconstitutional in 2015, there was nothing wrong with the second ruling on the removal. I also do not believe the implementation is retrospective because the results of the 2012 general elections were not affected by the both rulings. In fact, it would have been odd for NHIS card registrants to have remained on the voters' register after the first judgement. Moreover, the order to re-register those affected after the deletion reversed retrospective effect, if any.

However, I share your concerns about some of the decisions of the SC. Sadly, Ghana and Ghanaians as a whole cannot engage in any constructive debate on SC decisions for party political reasons. Indeed, the Ghana Bar Association that should be leading the debate is soo one-sided in favour of one political party that they have lost credibility and any sense of objectivity. One example is their suit challenging the appointing powers of President Mahama, which has been dismissed today and the SC affirming the supremacy of presidential powers over advisory bodies when it comes to constitutional appointments such as Justices of the SC.

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07-20 04:37
Nothing wrong with NHIS card judgement
Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
07-20 21:07