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This is it – when mediocrity becomes the yardstick

Comment: I Empathize With You!

G. K. Berko
2016-07-07 12:44:08
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This is it – when mediocrity becomes the yardsti

I empathize with you, Mr. Fofie. And I share your frustrations on our sheepish contentment with mediocrity.

I am glad you have finally gone public to expose the charade thinly veiling our compromise with corruption and ineptitude. We have long condoned the inequities of our Public Officials, Political Leaders, both secular and traditional, and grown worse for it all.

I wish we could hear more often such stentorian call of yours to sit up and pay more attention to issues that matter most to us and the Nation.

I bet the budget for constructing that edifice in Sunyani fully accommodated putting up the elevator. But someone simply calculated that bit of funds for the elevator's set-up and 'chopped' it off to stash in his or her private pocket. That culprit might have silently told himself/herself: "these primitive folks have no idea what elevators are, and would not even notice its absence from the building".

Yep! That is how we treat our own folks. We often don't think highly enough of our own people. We think they deserve nothing better than we have come to know them to be without.

We are our own saboteurs. Yet, we keep sending the same Politicians who fail to invoke the necessary supervision to have the right thing done for the people back to the Parliament and Presidency.

Enough is enough! Keep pricking our conscience to stay alert and demand for what we rightly deserve.

Thank you!

Long Live Ghana!!!

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