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This is it – when mediocrity becomes the yardstick


2016-07-07 05:31:02
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This is it – when mediocrity becomes the yardsti

WE ARE DYING SLOWLY AS A COUNTRY UNDER JOHN MAHAMA AND HIS PETTINESS...despite the 8.7 bn overspent in 2012 budget without parliamentary approval, john mahama continued to loot loot loot thro sada gyeeda etc we are so poor that we cant even provide reliable electricity...ndc destroyed ghana when john ford mahama took over in 2013....atta mills was so much better even given his ill health ....but as soon as john ford mahama took over with his greed and wanton dissipation of public funds. ghana has never been the same...This Time Ghana Is Wide Awake, We Are Tired Of Ndc Thievery Which Has Destroyed Our Economy...Ndc Gave Legon Ladies Cars To Campaign In 2012 Elections Just Win Elections At The Expense Of Ghana,,,,Now He Won Elections 2012 But Here We Are With Unprecedented Poverty And A Confused Country......John Mahama Even Distributed Cars To Legon Girls Just To Win Elections...Hahahaaaaa,,,,,Now See Our Level Of Poverty.....This President Has No Sense Of Shame Bcos He Knows His Support Is Tribal Bases So His Core Victims Refuse To Use Their Heads To Show Him The Exit....A Whooping 8.7 Bn Ghc Spent By John Mahama To Win Elections 2012 Is What Has Destroyed Our Economy Till Date...And It Will Take Decades For Ghana To Find Its Feet Again...Ghanaians Have Now Seen The Biggest Mistake We Ever Made By Voting For This Unpatriotic Man John Mahama Who Chopped Sada Monies Like Northerners Are Not Ghanaians To Benefit From Sada.....Performance Would Have Kicked Dead Goat John Mahama Off Long Long Ago, But Tribalism Is What Is Keeping Him In Place At The Expense Of Ghana....What Kind Of President Receives A Bribe Disguised As A Gift From A Contractor Who Follows Up To Receive Dubiously Inflated Contracts And Does Cheap Cheap Work Which The Same Cheapest President Shamelessly Goes To Praise So Much Only To Develop Potholes In Less Than A Year?....This President John Ford Mahama Is A Monumental Failure And Disgrace To Ghanana

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