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Mr President, the armed robberies in Ghana are getting scarier

Comment: Another NPP moron, Rockson Adofo

Abeeku Mensah
2016-06-13 08:20:05
Comment to:
Mr President, the Armed Robbery in Ghana is Gettin

Crime may be up not because of the president and it damn sure can't even be because of NPP's love affair with all things criminal. Rockson Adofo check your reading materials and facts and you will see as clear as daylight that NPP heroes are criminals, from drug pushers of the member of Parliament kind through thieves who have perfected stealing government blind and destroying all electronic and paper trails to the executive branch and executive branch appointees who give away state property and with no remorse leaving office like bandits.

Your white collar criminals are still criminals and until you and your preferred criminals put a stop to their activities expect the street level thugs to compete for your recognition and admiration.

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