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RE: Bawumia's 10-point jobs plan speculative

Comment: Bawumiah always fails

2016-04-08 15:07:46
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RE: Bawumia's 10-point jobs plan speculative

Do you believe this Dr. Bawumiahat at all? Anything he has led the NPP to execute has failed. For example, he was the star witness IN THE ELECTION PETITION CASE,the NPP loss. He agian led the NPP to the elctoral commission claiming some Togolese have their name in Ghana's voter register, he loss. He again said the NDC has borrowed $37billion dollars for the last 7 years, it was later revealed by the Governor of Bank of Ghana that since independence, our total debt stands at $ 25.6 billion. So, Bawumiah may be a fine economst, but as a politician, he has lost credibility.

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