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False social media news on ministerial reshuffle is bad

Comment: Transparency

2016-01-24 13:46:58
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False social media news on ministerial reshuffle

What exactly is “mainstream news media?” I see that word tossed around a lot and it’s lazy. Part of the reason why people rely on social media for information is because no one is naming the media outlets in Ghana that are reputable and can be relied on. TV3 for example? Instead, in your criticism of media, you throw the whole group together. We can’t afford this in Ghana.

For a moment the false information about reshuffling was here on Ghanaweb and it was only when I went to the SIL board that someone posted about the information being false. Social media is quick and responsive. Sometimes there’s a jump to get to a story quickly before everyone else. Yet, the Accra AMA website is static and has the same content from months ago.

False information is going to be passed on social media from time to time. What is needed is for the government and its various ministerial, municipal and main websites (regardless of which party is in power) to be more informative and the Right to Information law passed enabling this government of ours to be more transparent. With transparency the false information has less intensity.

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