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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter

Comment: Patrotic Antobam

2015-11-30 07:12:56
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Re, bash is is just a

Mr, Antobam or Dr Antobam, PhD in subverting people. You are indeed a very patrotic Ghanaian by trying to sabotage a fellow Ghanaian who Ghanaians and others in the world are trying to groom into perfection. What is the take home in this senseless, meaningless, and endless Bla..bla..bla..bla you are trying to sell to people? Are you competing Dr. Bawumia for superiority in Economics? Come stop it, any "thinkable entity" trying to read this your endless Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. can tell from reading the first two paragraphs that you are just a NDC man,jealous of Dr. Bawumia's achievements. Stop this,anti- Bawumia rhotics else, "Jealousy go shame you, jealousy go kill you."

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11-30 06:03
Patrotic Antobam
11-30 07:12