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RE: House of chiefs “irrelevant” – Lepowura

Comment: Re: Ok, tell me something about gazetting

2015-10-27 19:54:14
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Ok, tell me something about gazetting

Yes, gazetting chiefs was one relic of the colonial era still with us. It is simply an announcement through an official journal or similar that a chief had been duly recognisd as such by the colonial authorities. Likewise, a similar announcement could remove recognition from a chief, as the British assumed the right to say who must be a chief in Ghana. I think it is an unwholesome relic which must be done away with as it is now. It must be a mere formality once everything has been cleared by the people or courts, if there is a dispute.

Real chiefs participate in politics in Nigeria, not only honorary chiefs. As for the Igbos, you know they earn their titles, so the more successful you are, the chances are that you'd also acquire the titles. That's a meritorious and democratic system not based on heredity.


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Re: Ok, tell me something about gazetting
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