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RE: House of chiefs “irrelevant” – Lepowura

Comment: Ok, tell me something about gazetting

2015-10-27 15:03:52
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Re: Then why move the powers to the DJCC?

Ok, thanks and on another issue.

Do you happen to know how this gazetting of chiefs come about? Did it exist during the colonial era (govt gazette is a typical colonial thing)? Was it not initially a mere record of events that was later politicized and corrupted to mean govt approval of certain chiefs? Often you hear one side in a chieftaincy dispute claiming their man was gazetted by which they mean their man was the rightful occupant because govt had recognized him (written his name on some govt paper) - when a particular govt cannot presume to know the rightful occupant of a particular stool/skin/zikpui?

I don't know if my thesis is correct. If it is, then you are only calling for a going back to what was the original meaning of gazetting a chief. Or?

Concerning the Nigerian chiefs entering the political arena, are you talking of honorary chieftaincy titles that all the rich and influential in Nigeria have tonnes of or the real chieftains - like the Yoruba Obas who may have too much work doing ruling over their chiefdoms to have time for national politics? The Igbos don't have any chiefs but still have chieftaincy titles strewn all over the place...

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Ok, tell me something about gazetting
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