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Is Paul Afoko’s Suspension Not a Blessing in Disguise?

Comment: Article Lacking Objectivity

Kwabena Erzoah
2015-10-25 06:12:46
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Is Paul Afoko’s Suspension Not a Blessing in Dis

Mr Adofo again? I have read his articles in the past and never made any sense and still do not make any since they carried no meaningful objectives. Very vindictive as most of his articles lean towards tribal lines. We all know that Mr Afoko was suspended just to divert attention on the NPP financial malfeasance by certain elements within the party. There was a recommendation for a criminal prosecution to be effected that has since been muted. If Mr Afoko works of the NDC so does Dr Bawumia because they are all associated with the North as that assertion was the basis of your article. Yes the elected chairman has been 'suspended' but what about the General Secretary? It is simply he is an Akan from the south. It's very sad! You should not have compared Mr Afoko to a whiteman as they are from different cultural, geographical and race lines which suggest automatically different mindsets. Sorry.

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10-25 04:46
Article Lacking Objectivity
Kwabena Erzoah
10-25 06:12