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The beast that stalks the Ghana mother tongue issue!

Comment: Nonsense

2015-10-21 12:41:58
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The beast that stalks the Ghana mother tongue issu

We don't need to change our official language to akan to develop. We need better methods, facilities and materials of teaching our children based on research and what works.

The education system had declined because ministry of education are not doing any research to modernize our kids education. What are the goals of our education system? Is it to come up with more creative students, or more ethical students, or more workers? Each goal will determine how we teach. Its not about language but the goals. How many akan speakers can write akan? Will those of us that don't speak akan who are almost 52% learn to speak and write it? No way.

Figure a way to tie academia to industry and goals for the development plans as a nation. Figure a way to involve students in research. Figure a way to emphasize on ethics. Figure a way to reward good academic performance through schorlarships so all kids yearn to do better either through academic scholarships or sports scholarships. Naana Opoku Agyemang is wrong.

There are nations like India etc that speak English that are far advanced than us technology wise. Language is important but it had nothing to do with creativity and development. Even the best scientist in the world know scientific facts transcends landuages and does not hinge on language. Focus on improving the broken education system which involved all in the communities the schools are in the past and stop tinkering with our school system.

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