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The beast that stalks the Ghana mother tongue issue!

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2015-10-21 01:55:45
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The beast that stalks the Ghana mother tongue issu

When the matter of local language is broached, the non Akans instinctively react as if Akan is going to be imposed on them . What the learned professor said was for the good of non Akans.Let us accept the fact that the Akan language will in future obliterate all languages in Ghana if steps are not taken to ensure that our children are instructed in
their mother tongues at the early stages of their growth so as to preserve loacl languages. The origin of the influx of Akans in Accra has it's roots in the Busia regime. His government's focus was to develop the rural areas and help with the establishment cottage industries and making food crop farming attractive so that the youth would not drift to cities to look for non existing jobs.What happened,the urban dwellers ,particulary in Accra ridiculed him taunting his big lips. He was overthrown and his plans never implemented by succeeding regimes. Now what do we see ? The cities are overwhelmed by youth from rural areas sweeping away the culture of the indigenes. Such short sightedness has been the bane of the Gas in particulsr. I remember when Busia wanted to construct a central sewerage system for Accra with the help of the Isrealis the Gas taunted him sayig "we eat before we shit " . The project was abandoned after his overthrow. Now they have food to eat but have no place to shit. My advice is that when contentious topics of national dimensions are raised , we should take a deep breath before we open our big mouths .

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