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Effah Darteh Nkrabea’s Paranoia in the Eye of the Tiger

Comment: Judges and lawyers also wear hood...

2015-10-14 08:56:26
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Judges and lawyers also wear hood...
In Britain and her territories and former colonies judges and lawyer themselves wear hood to disguise themselves even in the court from the public. They even go to the extend of wearing hood on their dresses. That should be the point that one who wears hood should not remove the hood on the self of another.
Effah Darthey can do himself service if he is to advocate for the hood to be removed in the courts in Ghana, but in the absence of that, and since he is in a hood himself he can not deprive another of it.
That should have been the substance of this debate rather than the issue about he been dismissed from the army and representing criminals. If he has been successful representing criminals, then equally lawyers who should have seen to it the those criminals are keep out of the public have not been doing their job.

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