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Effah Darteh Nkrabea’s Paranoia in the Eye of the Tiger


2015-10-14 09:24:59
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Effah Darteh Nkrabea’s Paranoia in the Eye of th

I cannot hold brief for anybody. I honestly believe Anas is doing a great job and should be commended but must equally be cautioned. What we term an investigation is totally different from entrapment. In our legal jurisprudence it looks as if no matter how an evidence is produced does not really matter but elsewhere it does. I believe we all have to be careful the way we choose to bring to ruins the careers of others by entrapment.
Let us ask this question before we crucify the he doing his job? he violating any code of his legal ethics?...would you the reader be proud of your lawyer going to certain extremes to save you from a situation?...The law cannot be subjected to your skewed moral reasoning. It is simply the law and the interpretation of certain provisions differ from one lawyer to the may disagree with a certain position but may we become a people who will eschew character assassination and undue insults of people who are bold enough to make a stand. Effah Darted may be as evil as the public may choose to see but it is so because he is a public figure, an astute lawyer and a smart one for that matter. Who know how evil we may be individually in our closets...self righteous hypocrites who simply cry for the blood of others whiles nursing their own evils.
Let the judges be subjected to a fair hearing, let their lawyers be free to speak their the end, the interpretation of the law lies in the bosom of the judges and let all the faceless cowards shut their mouths and rest their pens until the determination if the case. Democracy is sweet...I guess I have the right to speak my mind.

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