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What Does President Mahama Take Ghanaians For?

Comment: Don't be a sorry hypocrite Rockson Adofo

Abeeku Mensah
2015-07-05 12:15:50
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What Does President Mahama Take Ghanaians For?

I'm on record I do not like both NDC and NPP not because of any individual but because of their work record or handiwork. If after 40+years an educated elite class of the NPP can give us Ghana@50 for the obscene amount spent and stolen on the account of the celebration while hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities lacked in basic supplies or if the NDC can fly millions of dollars around chasing after Ghana black stars then there is something wrong. Only tribal and partisan jerks can blame Ghana's "dumsor" on president Mahama because they know no better like you, Rockson Adofo. We're not getting any better at reasoning even as more Ghanaians become highly classroom educated and more learn from universities around the world because we pledge allegiance to tribe and or political party over nation. You, Rockson Adofo, cannot bring solutions to the table for you're consumed with eating NPP table scraps in the hopes of being recognized by the leadership you've had no room to see those who toil to put food on the table you feed off. How can anyone with a smidgen of intelligence think Ghana is better off since 1966 when Ghana was at par with South Korea, Malaysia and a host of nations in 1966 but from whom we import to feed and cloth ourselves and buy electronic gadgets? How many natural and mineral resources do we own now relative to the past? Did the civilized western nations we look up to for guidance rid themselves off their essentials to be this poor as we do in Ghana? We've been fooled to think we have no choices other than the NPP and NDC by people of your kind, Adofo, and the idea is stale. We cannot continue to be afraid of a future in our own hands; we must be bold to take the wheel from pie pipers who have led us to the edge of the cliff with nowhere to go but fall off. God is not a fool to want us all to be saved so why do some think only a few rich people living amongst a sea of poor workers is good for any society?

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07-05 01:58
Don't be a sorry hypocrite Rockson Adofo
Abeeku Mensah
07-05 12:15