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Nkrumah Did Not Force His Views On African Leaders 5

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Prof Lungu
2015-05-23 03:42:16
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Nkrumah Did Not Force His Views On African Leaders

The essential reader for a Danquah-Busia Confederate sympathizers on the question of who led rhe so-called 1-Party African State. Also for other objective, rational people who want to understand the role of religion in the minds for African intellectual imprisoned by foreign religions!

READ: "... how could Nkrumah have imposed the one-party political system on Houphouet-Boigny, when Ivory Coast already had it in place by 1960, bearing in mind that the one-party ideology received official imprimatur in Ghana only in 1964?...//...Liberia had a one-party system in place by 1878, the Central African Republic by 1962, Togo by 1962, Burkina Faso by 1960, Tanganyika by 1961, Chad by 1962, Guinea by 1958, Mali by 1960, Mauritania by 1961, Niger by 1960!..."

WE MST ASK: What says the Danquah-Busia Confederate cohorts and sympathizers?

ITEM: While militant Islam will now take up arms, it is relatively a new phenomenon sourced to western policy gone dangerously awry. The conservative Christian modus however, takes over the minds of the entire populace, peacefully, many time by shaming the opposed culture. That approach defers the power of agency in important matters of self determination and progress by the person now holding the Bible, in their own sentient/contemporary life, as they live it!

There is hope, but paradise is after you die!

In that sense, Christianity, as well as Islam have been, and are threats to the "actualities of Africa’s contemporary civilization on the continent", as well.

THEN THIS: "...And if enlightened, cosmopolitan, and widely-read scholars like Mazrui and Soyinka could not have found common ground on practical strategies conducive to Africa’s internal coherence and sustained development, what then should be expected of lay persons?..."

WE SAY: By his statement at the top of the essay, Friedrich Hegel himself probably makes the argument for the African-centered person.

Western enlightenment was never value free, nor always objective, nor always totally democratic. There was always a political factor in the "cosmopolitan" fronts of all the "renowned" thinkers.

Then economic!

Then the cultural!


Patrice Lumumba!

Amilcar Cabral!

Steve Biko!

Ideas, agency, history, and context truly matter!

Another important paper to the larger Kwame Nkrumah and Pan-African question!

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05-23 03:42
Re: Nkrumah Did Not Force His Views On African Lea
Prof Lungu
05-23 03:42