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Are We That Foolish in Addition To Our Poverty?

Comment: Poor or lack of ideas and wisdom?

Abeeku Mensah
2015-05-23 14:46:44
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Are We That Foolish in Addition To Our Poverty?

There is collective poverty brought because of lack of mineral, natural resources and human resources and poverty that stems from mismanagement and the lack of ideas, foresight and wisdom. There are no poor regions in Ghana but sustained poverty designed to get government handout that ensures the retention of political leaders/families or dynasties.
The entire Northern Ghana has been a potential breadbasket for Ghana's beef, milk and other dairy products while I was a kid but not realized because of abuses. Successful and successive politicians from the north have either unknowingly allowed political parties to use them for gains without benefit to residents or been shortsighted. Is it not possible to make Northern Ghana into Ghana's dairyland where 80 percent of Ghana's beef and dairy comes to supply the rest of the nation? Would it not ensure that people born and educated stay to help manage affairs of the region instead of the southern migration that has taken place decades after decades? Dr. Bawumia is busy selling NPP while the NPP sells his banking and finance schooling credentials to voters and yet Dr. Bawumia may be more use to Ghana seeking funds, private and or public, to make the Diaryland idea a reality. He and others choose the easy road of politics where stealing and mismanagement is an ideal.

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05-23 00:29
Poor or lack of ideas and wisdom?
Abeeku Mensah
05-23 14:46