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Africa's Poverty is Africa's Problem

Comment: Africa’s Poverty

Nana Amponsem
2015-05-19 00:43:43
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Africa's Poverty is Africa's Problem

God has liberally given every man a sound mind. And it does not matter what your religion is. It is solely man’s responsibility to use the mind God gave them to effect a change in whatever situation they find themselves in. A huge chunk of the Asia sub-continent do not use the Bible. What percentage of Japan use the Bible as their religions’ text? So how come, they are able to perform beyond our wildest expectations. Even the Dubai that you cited do not use the Bible.
The problem Africa had is the bragging of the leftist elites about waiting to unite the continent before they will develop. The world will not wait for them. Look at Switzerland, a small country; they are not even a member of the EU and look at their development!
Ghanaian leftist intellectuals should stop deluding themselves. Developments never start on a grand scale. Start with your village, town, city and it will engulf the whole country, then other African countries will join forces with you. Please don’t bring the Bible into our failure!

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